Welcome friends and family! If you've landed on this site that means that you have heard the news that I am moving to Jamaica in March to serve as a Literacy Adviser for 27 months (!!!!). Before I head off to the Carribean, there are quite a few items that I will need to purchase. As you can imagine, it's tough to buy everything you will need for the next two years when you're living on an NYC budget so that's why I have created this registry. Lots of people have told me to let them know if I need anything so this is me letting y'all know...I NEED SOME STUFF :) If you are able to fund any of the items, I will be sure to send you a picture of me using the item you funded for me while I'm out spreading world peace in Jamaica! It is totally okay if you are unable to help (I know the struggle). Either way, everyone is welcome to follow my journey on my blog! Thanks for supporting my crazy dreams. Y'all are legit the best!



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